Fragrance Descriptions A-Z

50 Shades Type Fragrance
Blood rose and wild geraniums blended with seductive notes of bergamot and gold amber.
A Thousand Wishes Type Fragrance
A delicate creamy mix of amber, peonies and sweet floral, and bright prosecco expresses the complexities of wishes. Compare to A Thousand Wishes® by Bath & Body Works.
Amber Romance Type Fragrance
Rich vanilla musk with jasmine, cherry, and sandalwood. Exotic sensual scent wonderful
Apple Orchard Fragrance
Fresh from the orchard - just picked Gala apples and fresh apple blossom.
Autumn Night Type Fragrance
Crisp autumn nights come to life with nutmeg and cinnamon  layered with applewood and cedar
Avobath Type Fragrance
Words can’t really explain this fragrance. It’s a zesty lemongrass with a kick; Fresh citrus and lemongrass with pine undertones. Compare to Avobath® by Lush.
Baby Grace Type Fragrance 
Floral, mimosa with white Musk
Bay Rum Fragrance
What a man should smell like: allspice, cloves, nutmeg, orange, pine with a bit of Patchouli and Vanilla.
Bayberry Type Fragrance
Sweet spice, True to the natural odor
Beautiful Type Fragrance
Feminine nuances of orchid, jasmine rose and musk. Compare to Beautiful® by Estee Lauder.
Beautiful Day Type Fragrance
A dreamy blend of a fresh fruity floral with notes of apple, berries, cyclamen, lily, and musk.
Bedtime Bath Type  Fragrance
Lavender and Chamomile, true to the type by J&J
Bella Type  Fragrance
Duplication of the Moonworks fragrance A subtle fragrance with a mysterious yet delicate scent.
Berry Vanilla Bean Type Fragrance

An enticing aroma of wild blueberry, bergamot, blackberry, vanilla cream, raspberry sugar and buttermilk musk. Compare to Berry Vanilla Bean® by Bath & Body Works.

Bird of Paradise Fragrance

Fresh Exotic Floral with hints of Vanilla, Strawberry, and Coconut 

Black Ocean Fragrance

think of salty ocean air with subtle notes of amber and vanilla. Top: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone Middle: Plum, Cardamom Base: Amber, Dark Musk

Black Cherry Merlot Type Fragrance

Wild Black Cherries, Velvety Red Wine, Juicy Red Raspberries, Bright Plum Compare to Black Cherry Merlot® by Bath & Body Works.

Black Cypress & Cassis Fragrance

Fresh green notes combined with nuances of cypress and floral notes on a bed of sweet cotton candy, ambergris, and dried tobacco.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Type Fragrance

Black Raspberry with Rich creamy vanilla
Blackberry Lavender Type Fragrance

Crisp Blackberry, Cranberry, Fresh Mandarin, Lavender Compare our to Blackberry Lavender® by Bath & Body Works.

Bleu Type Fragrance

Crisp Citrus notes highlight this aromatic woody blend followed with fresh lavender and jasmine on a background of cedar, musk and asian sandalwood Compare to Bleu® by Chanel. 

Blue Raspberry Candy Fragrance

Sweet fresh Blue Raspberry, so sweet that your mouth waters just smelling it.
Blueberry Cheesecake Fragrance
Rich sweet blueberries mixed with a nice creamy cheesecake.
Bourbon Barrel  Fragrance
A rich, warm blend of bourbon, vanilla and hints of warm oak.
Butt Naked Fragrance
Sweet fruits with hints of vanilla 
Butterscotch Bread Pudding Fragrance
Warm bread pudding drinched in butterscotch Nice sugary sweet bread fragrance
Cactus & Sea Salt Fragrance
Green cactus mingled with clean ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and sea moss. A fresh, clean combination!
Caramelized Pralines Fragrance
This creamy caramel treat it sure to delight. Strong caramelized covered pralines. Makes me hungry just thinking about this fragrance
Cashmere Fragrance 
Sensual cashmere musk, sweet vanilla, soft fruit notes of apricot, guava, berries.  Middle notes of mimosa, peony and jasmine rounded out with vanilla and sandalwood.
Cashmere Cedar Type Fragrance

Sweet tops notes of vanilla sugar, middle floral notes of rose and jasmine and bottom base notes of cedar wood, vanilla and warm musk. This masculine fragrance will have you in heaven!

Cashmere Forest Fragrance

Nice blend of teakwood and cashmere.
Clean Cotton Fragrance
A duplication of the popular Yankee* Candle brand. Smells like sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and a hint of lemon.
Christmas Wreath Type Fragrance

Deck the Halls with notes of fir, pine needles and orange. Compare to White Christmas® by Yankee Candle.

Clean Cotton Type Fragrance

Smells like fresh clean cotton linen 
Cocoa Butter Cashmere Fragrance
Light spices, cedarwood, vanilla tonka, coconut, jasmine, olive wood, sandalwood, amber, musk, & cocoa butter.
Cococabana Coconut Type Fragrance

Tropical exotic blend of pineapple and coconut with vanilla and sandalwood Compare to Cocoacabana Coconut® by Bath & Body Works.

Coconut Cream Pie Fragrance

Sweet creamy coconut with fluffy cream and pie crust
Coconut Lime Verbena Type Fragrance
Fresh Coconut with just the right amount of fresh lime
Cookies for Santa Type Fragrance
Santa loves sweet, buttery cookie dough and sugar vanilla frosting. This is blended delightfully with hints of almond to create a scrumptious and tempting fragrance just for him. 
Cool Water Type Fragrance
Musky ozone, citrus, with light florals.
Costa Rican Rainforest Fragrance
This tropical aroma begins with top notes of bergamot, clove, grapefruit blossoms.  At the center of this fragrance you will find notes of agave nectar, hints of rainfall, and wild geranium.  All of this is tied together with the aroma of moss and patchouli.
 Daisy Dream Girl Type Fragrance
Bergamot, Grapefruit, Magnolia, Pear with Jasmine, Sandalwood and White Amber
Dark Kiss Type Fragrance

A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean.
Key notes: Black Raspberry, Burgundy Rose, Bergamot Incense, Dark Vanilla Bean, Plum Musk Compare to Dark Kiss® by Bath & Body Works.

Dragons Blood Type Fragrance

A mystical blend of earthy cedarwood, citrus and patchouli.
Drakkar Type Fragrance
This fragrance is based on the famous men’s cologne. A blend of Lavender and spice combined with citrus and cedarwood.
Energy Fragrance
An uplifting blend of Citrus, including lemon, lime, grapefruit, a touch of cucumber, pineapple, blackberry & champagne.
Eucalyptus Spearmint Type Fragrance
Compare our fragrance to Eucalyptus Spearmint® by Bath & Body Works.
Fall Festival Type Fragrance
This scent is made up of apple, crushed cinnamon, clove with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla.
Falling in Love Type Fragrance 
A delicious, sparkling berry scent; sun-ripened blackberries, sparkling jasmine and sweet vanilla.
Ferocious Beast (FierceType) Fragrance 
citrusy top-notes of orange, lemon and lime, leading to middle notes of rosemary, jasmine, lily of the valley, vetiver  and rose and finishing with a woody, oakmoss and white musk base. Compare to Fierce cologne. 
Forever Red Type Fragrance
Fresh fruity, floral with a vanilla musk. Compare to Forever Red® by Bath & Body Works
French Vanilla Fragrance
Rich creamy vanilla
Fresh Linen 
Reminds you of fresh sheets out of the dryer.
Fruit Loops Type Fragrance 
Smells like my favorite cereal box being opened. I just keep looking for the bowl everytime I pour this. Sweet fruity odor  Inspired by Fruit Loops® cereal
Gain Type Fragrance 
Inspired by Gain® Smells great, just like fresh laundry.
Gain Island Fresh Type Fragrance 
Inspired by Gain® Island Fresh Nice fresh linen with a tropical twist. This scent smells great.
Grape Soda Fragrance
Rich grape and raspberry blended with sparkling club soda and sweetened with a hint of sugar.
Harvest Gathering Type Fragrance 
Red Apple, Cinnamon leaf and cranberries
Harvest Moon Type Fragrance
Orange peel blends with fresh fruity tones to open this autumn scent. Warm spiced cinnamon sticks and hints of apple lead to a base of creamed vanilla. Lingering musky undertones complete the fall sensation.
Harvest Moonlight Fragrance
A delicious, spicy and creamy creation of cinnamon, grated nutmeg, cardamom and black peppercorn blended with pureed pumpkin, mahogany woods, whipped cream and vanilla bean.
Heavenly Type Fragrance
Peony, Freesia, Lotus,Gold Musk, Creamy Sandalwood and Bourbon Vanilla combine for for sensual warmth and sophistication.
Holiday Sparkle by Peak® Type Fragrance
This perfect blend of spruce, apple, cranberries, grapefruit, cinnamon, and clove.
Hollyberry Fragrance
This sweet holiday fragrance is great. Notes of green fir and sweet berry
Honey Clementine Fragrance
Refreshing orange peel takes a sweet clementine and makes it a honey-dipped citrus delight.
Honeysuckle Fragrance
Sweet Honeysuckle just like picking them from the vine
Iced Vanilla Woods Type Fragrance
Masculine fragrance made with notes of lavender, vanilla, woodsy, and musk.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Type Fragrance
Nice oriental cherry, with fresh airy floral blend
Jack Frost Type Fragrance
Peppermint and a hint of spearmint blend with a spicy accord of cinnamon and clove and winter berries Compare to Jack Frost® by Yankee
Jellyfish Bubbles Fragrance
Top Notes: Citrus, Almonds Middle Notes:  Apricot, Mixed Berries, Leafy Greens
Base Notes:  Blossoms, Warm Vanilla
Lavender Mint Fragrance
A beautiful blend lavender flowers and mint leaves.
Lemon Pound Cake Fragrance
Freshly grated lemon peel and juicy lemon combined with butter, sugar and vanilla mingle together to give this delicious bakery scent its signature citrus kick.
Love Spell Type Fragrance
This is our version of the original VS fragrance.
Magnolia and Peony 
The complex floral powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Base notes of powder and wood wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish.
 Marshmallow Fireside Type Fragrance
This is not a typical marshmallow fragrance. Smells like a cedar cabin with a nice vanilla blend. Masculine, Woods, Vanilla.....I must say that I love this one.
Masquerade Fragrance
Reflects an ozonic blast of crisp mountain air, citrus, leafy green and ozonic freshness in its top notes. The middle reflects soft cranberry and light citrus. The base weaves into Colorado blue spruce, white pine and ivory geranium. 
Midsummer's Night Type Fragrance

Fresh orange top notes accent this classic fougere blend. A heart of green herbs, rich cedar leaf, fresh pine and blooming lavender is surrounded by warm sandalwood for a fragrant appeal. Rich mossy undertones create a velvety background for the blend. Compare to Midsummer Night® by Yankee.

Monkey Farts Fragrance

This smells of banana, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit and vanilla. 
Moonlight Path Type Fragrance
Nice blend of fresh jasmine, violets, with soft lavender notes on a base of soft musk 
Moonstone Fragrance
Lavender, bergamot, star anise, jasmine, violet, ylang ylang, heliotrope, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber, and vanilla.
Narcissist Type Fragrance
A seductive blend of warm Egyptian musk notes and magical patchouli highlighted with touches of spicy cinnamon, orange blossom, and anise. 
November Rain Type Fragrance
Airy, watery, warm amber
Oakmoss Fragrance Oil
Rich musk, amber, woods with hints of green and patchouli
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil
Perfect blend of Oats, Milk and Honey
Palo Santo Type Fragrance

Top Notes: Sweet Amber, Earthy, Patchouli; Middle Notes: Spicy Clove, Lily of the Valley, Citrus; Base Notes: Rich, Woods, Musk. Compare to Palo Santo® by Bath & Body Works.

Passionate Kisses Type Fragrance

Sweet fruity floral blend of jasmine,hawthorn & rose with raspberry, peach & coconut enhnaced by citrus zest on a back ground of musk, vanilla & wood. Compare to Passionate Kisses® by Victoria Secret.

Peach Cobbler 

Sweet peaches with a hint of spice and rich sweet cream.

Pearberry Fragrance

Rich fresh pear with sweet berries Just all around nice fresh fruit scent
Pink Chiffon Type Fragrance
This fragrance is a nice light floral, wild berries blended with sweet vanilla, coconut and hints of sandalwood. 
Pink Sands Type Fragrance

Oceany citrus blended with florals and a touch of vanilla. Compare to Pink Sands® by Yankee Candle.

Pink Sugar Type Fragrance

fruity combination of cotton candy, caramel, lemon drops, raspberries and light musk. Compare to Pink Sugar® by Aquolina.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type Fragrance

Pumpkin Pecan waffles, maple syrup and brown sugar
Pure Seduction VS Type Fragrance
A tantalizing blend of musk, floral bouquet, apples and fresh citrus. Fantastic dupe of the ever popular Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret.
Radiant Red Maple Type Fragrance
Smells like ripe pear and vanilla bean blend with toasted maplewood and amber. Compare to Radiant Red Maple® by Bath & Body Works
Romance Type Fragrance
A beautiful feminine blend of jasmine and rose with melon, musk and blond woods. Compare to Romance® by Ralph Lauren.
Rotten Fragrance
Compare to Death and Decay Lush This scent is infused with rose, jasmine, ylang and spice.
Saltwater Mermaid Fragrance
This fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk
Salty Mariner Type Fragrance
Musky Sea Weed, Green Ozone Ocean. This is a duplication of the original fragrance.
Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance
The perfect combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla Compare to Sandalwood Vanilla® by Bath & Body Works
Santa's Snack Fragrance
A sweet surprise! Hot cocoa, vanilla cream and maple sugar. 
Sea Salt & Orchid
 A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You’ll notice crisp notes of sea salt right away.
Sea Witch Type Fragrance
Fresh mystical creation of the sea. This is a nice strong salty scent with hints of fresh air and sea grass
Spring Lemon
Fresh bright lemon with the perfect blend of rosemary and sage. This is one of the freshest most bright fragrances you will smell.
Straight Up Savage Fragrance
top notes of Reggio bergamot and rose absolute, followed with middle notes of blue sky accord, Sichuan pepper, and magnolia, all sitting on base notes of ambergris and sensual musk. Compare to Dior Sauvage
Strawberry & Champagne Fragrance
A juicy fruit aroma with sparkling effervescent notes on a warm, sensual background that closely mimics the popular Victoria's Secret* fragrance.
Strawberry Pound Cake Fragrance
This vanilla/strawberry scent is pleasantly sweet! Moist pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and fresh cream.
Stress Relief Fragrance
This fragrance is a melow blend of eucalyptus, lavender and ozone
Suede and Lace Type Fragrance
Suede, woody, earthy. A fresh and clean accord full of leather and White Musk.
Sugar & Spice Type Fragrance
Spiced cinnamon, buttery vanilla, and sugar crystals all blended together. Nice sweet spice scent.
Sugar Plum Fragrance
Sweet plum smothered with vanilla and sugared musk.
Sun and Earth Type Fragrance

A ripe blend of juicy citrus with nuances of sweet tart raspberries. Add to this sparkling combination a mellow and subtle bouquet of violets on a musky base of oakmoss, cedarwood and earthy patchouli.

Sweater Weather Type Fragrance

Sage, juniper berries, eucalyptus, fresh woods. A burst of fresh air tingles with mint; pine needles, winter berries and laced with wood notes. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent. Compare to Sweater Weather® by Bath & Body Works.

Sweet Berrylicious Fragrance
Sweet strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and hints of blueberries
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Fragrance
Spicy pumpkin with sweet butter and vanilla cream.
Sweet Pea Type Fragrance
This is a soft floral with fresh violet and lily of the valley type notes.
Sweet Temptation by VS Type Fragrance
This is a soft fruity floral fragrance with notes of apricot, grapefruit and lily of the valley. Nice blend by VS
Sweet Tobacco
Subtly soft and slightly smoky, with hints of orange that adds a nice lift to the tobacco leaf. Warm tones of oak and patchouli creates dimension for the blend with a finish of sugary caramel to balance out of earthy tones.
Tarragon Mist Fragrance
Compare to Dirty by Lush
This is a fresh scent of spearmint with sandalwood, tarragon and thyme. Clean fresh and sexy scent for him.
Teak Wood Forest Fragrance
Sweet Teak, Woodsy musk, Cedar with sweet hints of vanilla
The Original Type Fragrance
The Original scent is a blend of Woody Vetiver, Black Peppercorns, Aromatic Cedar This was a limited run by White Barn in 2017
The Perfect Autumn Type Fragrance
The perfect combination of mouthwatering cranberry, spiced pumpkins, and juicy apples.
This Old House Type Fragrance
Warm apple, hot ginger & cinnamon capture the smells of the season.
Thoughtful Fragrance
Compare to Angel's Delight Lush
This lively scent opens with a fresh mint accord that leads to the heart of cassis and creamed peach. Soft undertones of cashmere musk and spun sugar add lingering sensuality.
Three Wise Men Fragrance
A classic favorite of frankincense, myrrh, patchouli and warm, powdery sandalwood.
Tis the Season Type Fragrance
Nice seasonal scent with bright red apples, cinnamon, cloves and deep green pine notes
Traveler's Fragrance
Compare to Alkmar by Lush
Nice soft floral smell, it's super light and delicate. The jasmine is very subtle and not at all overpowering, so it still smells clean and fresh.
Tobacco Leaf & Amber Fragrance
Orange citrus with warm spices of clove, nutmeg blend with honey and tobacco.  A deep and warm masculine scent!
Tuberose Fragrance
Sweet fresh green and true to the natural scent
Turquoise Sky Type Fragrance
Crisp, salty air with sea grass tickling your nose, a hint of creamy musk. Nice fresh scent that is energizing, crisp and clean. This is a unisex scent.
Twilight Woods Type Fragrance
Sweet Earthy Cedar, Musk and hints of Forest Berries
Twisted Peppermint Type Fragrance

Sweet peppermint blends together with sugar, vanilla, musk and  balsams to make this all time favorite scent. Compare to Twisted Peppermint® by Bath & Body Works.

Ulex Blossom Fragrance

Compare to Furze by Lush
This fragrance just evokes happiness with the scents of furze blossoms, vanilla, coconut and neroli.
Unicorn Poop Fragrance
This fragrance is made up of blueberries, raspberry, cotton candy, creamy vanilla and sweet sugar.
Unicorn Sprinkles Fragrance
Fluffy Cotton Candy, Rainbow Candy Drops, Sugared Lemon with Unicorn kisses! 
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Fragrance
The perfect fall treat made of creamy vanilla & fluffy pumpkin marshmallow
Warm Vanilla Sugar Type Fragrance
This is a great warm sugary fragrance. BBW Dupe
Weather Vane Fragrance
The fragrance has notes of nettle, oak, hay, beeswax, mint, chamomile, oakmoss and cinnamon.
Winter Dessert Fragrance
Compare to Snow Cake by Lush® Light Floral Fruity fragrance composed of marzipan, benzoin, rose, cassia and almond.
Winter Festival Type Fragrance
Evergreen resins amid an infusion of sparkling tart fruit and subtle woodsy clove, add to the hearty middle notes of pine and fir needle. An extremely smooth yet lively conifer fragrance with tart nuances of citrus and sparkling fruit, spiked with a base of musk and green moss.
Winter Princess Fragrance
Compare to Snow Fairy by Lush®
The fragrance features pear, sweet notes, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry.
Witches Brew Type Fragrance
A bewitching combination of sweet dark spices tossed generously with intoxicating violets and smokey dark patchouli. Add to the pot a pinch of resinous cedarwood entangled in a web of fiery cinnamon and seductive clove. A lusty, robust fragrance with gypsy appeal!
Woodland Berries Fragrance
This red berry blend is a tangy combination of red currant, strawberry, and cranberry is balanced with a fresh green accord and finished with vanilla spice.